0.0 - 4.1 Mkr
Minimum investment:
6411 kr

TechBuddy makes at-home services easily accessible with fair pricing.

Why invest in TechBuddy

  • Techbuddy International Holding AB was founded in 2016 by Tahero Nori. In 2019, the company had their first capital raise through Pepins via the holding company Techbuddy Partners Sweden AB that currently holds 5,16% of the company. This new capital raise enables Techbuddy Partners Sweden AB to sign additional shares in Techbuddy International Holding AB.
  • • Today, Techbuddy is a leading European brand for technical support, offering support in person by connecting technical experts with people in need of support in their homes or in their offices. In 2021, Techbuddy International Holding AB acquired four new companies: TidvApp and Wellbe focusing on cleaning, Taskrunner for handyman jobs, and Expertiger for technical support throughout Germany. With this, along with the passion for at-home services, the brand BuddyCompany was born.
  • • BuddyCompany makes at-home services easily accessible with fair pricing – achieved by being a “one-stop shop” for at-home services to make each home a more comfortable place.
  • • BuddyCompany has a broad source of income and cross-selling functions through the various services being offered. This provides a unique business model where they can sell e.g., technical support as well as cleaning services to the same customer.
  • • The company creates job opportunities no matter the age, gender or ethnicity, and helps individuals who might struggle to get into the workforce. They provide fair wages through scheduled work, train new employees and empower growth and development within the company. Full-time employment is being offered to the best performing Buddies.
  • • Today, the company has over 1000 Buddies, who have completed over 125 000 assignments across 4 countries.
  • • The platform “” allows companies to deliver efficient services in person by tracking requests, managing personnel, and maintain insights in the organization.
  • • They have developed great mobile tools to conduct services in person, offering control, overview and real-time data through one simple tool.
  • • The market is growing with an increased demand due to social trends and favorable tax deduction plans for at-home services (RUT).
  • • BuddyCompany is working closely with both Telia and Tre and is currently seeing a huge increase in sales volume and technical support at home.
  • From the first of July, a rights issue will be open for the public to sign remaining shares in TechBuddy International Holding AB.


0.0 - 4.1 Mkr
Minimum investment:
6411 kr

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