How to buy shares on Pepins.

Purchase shares in established companies through the Broker Desk

As a Pepins member you now have the possibility to purchase shares in established, unlisted companies though our Broker desk. Deals via the Broker Desk usually require a larger number of shares than when purchasing shares though share issues.

How do I purchase shares though the Broker Desk?

Go to and choose Invest/Brokerage/Broker Desk in the main menu. On this page you can view all the companies in which we currently offer brokerage. Read more about the offers and submit your interest by clicking the button ”Submit interest” or by emailing [email protected]

Someone from our brokerage team will be in touch shortly.

How do I pay for the shares? / How do I obtain my shares?

Buyers and sellers will receive contract notes detailing how to pay and deliver shares. The payments/shares are initially sent to Pepin’s client funds account/depository and will then be forwarded to sellers/buyers.

Spread the risk

You know the saying, never put all the eggs in the same basket. Well it’s true, which is why we recommend you become a shareholder in a range of companies in order to spread your risks. Like it or not, growth companies can be risky investments, and you cannot count on all the companies at Pepins meeting expectations. But we can safely say that historically, entrepreneurial companies have accounted for the highest growth in the economy and generated the best returns over time.

Do you also want access to the fastest growing part of the economy?

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