Welcome to the shareholder revolution!

Ideas and companies that are allowed to fetch nutrition and power from more people grow more. Therefore, we devote all our time to creating better preconditions for committed people and good ideas to meet and create value.

A small effort it may seem. But for each passing day, it makes a bigger difference. Ideas that are realized create jobs and growth. Products are developed that purify air and quench thirst. Services are offered that save time and save lives. So, whether your heart is popping for organic wine or medicine, welcome to the co-owners revolution. Welcome to Pepins.

What is crowdpower?

We believe in the power of ownership. On your power as a partner to select companies you believe in. At the entrepeneurs willingness to create the future of the company. We believe that ownership stimulates drive, creativity and perseverance. We believe in the power of many and in companies where more people are given influence.

By letting more people share risk and reward, we create a world where the economy is a little more open and more inclusive. Step by step, one by one. An economy where everyone can own and everyone can contribute. Where the opportunities are all, not reachable.

Therefore, we help exciting companies find as many new partners as possible. We also help to find strategic partners with industry competence. Like the boardmembers with the right profile.

Together, the partners and the companies can work to achieve long-term goals, grow and make a difference. It´s part ownership. Or simply put - crowdpower is rocketfuel for growth when used best.

What do we mean by shareholder revolution?

The shareholder revolution is only at the beginning of its development. Crowdfunding is part of the sharing economy and has the potential to democratize both ownership and finance industry. Crowdfunding can also create completely new conditions for entrepreneurship.


Throughout our time there is a strong technology optimism. Feeded by the constantly new opportunities of digitization. But also a heavy stretch of financial pessimism. A pessimism driven by recurring crises and an increasing concentration of ownership of an extremely few.

In response to both, a third thread is spun. Sharing Economy. It takes its back on the digitization and spins against the concentration of power. It creates a democratic alternative to the old financial system.

Crowdfunding is silently growing beyond the old financial market. When more people get to invest, more companies get the chance to grow and create new jobs. When more values ​​are allowed to control investments, new socially beneficial ideas and innovations are realized. When consumers become owners, new business models are born that benefit more. And when desire and commitment become as important as crowns and dollars, then the revolution is a fact. Then we create better - and perhaps entirely new types - of companies.

The three points of the shareholder revolution


To become a partner in promising growth companies has so far only been reserved for venture capitalists. Or very wealthy private individuals with large contact networks. At Pepins, every chance, regardless of the size of the wallet, gets to invest in the fastest growing part of the economy.


Pepins give the companies access to capital in a crucial phase. Something that can be so hard to come by. Especially if you do not fit into the large-scale investors traditional template. But not enough of that. Via Pepins, the companies also get customers and the community. All at once. It creates completely new conditions for entrepreneurship.


Pepins are the spearhead of a reborn capitalism, where todays concentration of power may leave room for the power of the many. Where more good ideas can grow with the help of more committed owners. Where we together can create the companies we want. Companies with the values ​​that are in line with our own.

The journey towards a democratized financial market has only just begun.

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