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Do you have a well-running business that you are ready to scale up to the next level? Then talk to us, because we can support you with a lot more than just financing. Our platform is set up to attain capital, customers and community - in a single, well-orchestrated sweep. Since inception, our members have, in total, invested a billion in growth companies selected by Pepins.

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Capital, customers and community in one go. In addition, Sweden's largest trading venue for unlisted and crowdfunded shares.
Pepins - Capital procurement for a new time

Pepins Group is under the supervision of Finansinspektionen: the financial supervisory authority of Sweden. In this, Pepins is unique within the realm of Swedish-based crowdfunding. Our platform enables you to conduct an issue offering, proprietary trading through a business listing, or both. Our capacity to be innovative allows us to provide tailor-made solutions when required. Our collective knowledge of finance and entrepreneurship in combination with a flexible IT platform makes it possible for us to develop cutting-edge solutions. These go from a groundbreaking initial public listing as for Paradox Interactive or the distribution of shares to a closed group, as for Hemnet. Or perhaps a solution that’s optimum for you and your company's unique prerequisites?

Capital - At Pepins, both institutions and venture capital companies invest as business angels and private individuals side by side. From hundreds to hundreds of millions of dollars, all depending on needs, potential and proportionality.
Network and Crowd - Our extensive network includes a variety of different types of investors. Larger and smaller, here private individuals and business angels meet with strategic investors and venture capital companies. But here are also other key stakeholders and key players, such as a large number of ambassadors and influencers.
Advice, structure and simplified process – Pepins make sure to provide the necessary agreements as well as the structure and administration needed in the process, all in order for you to be able to continue focusing on growth and business. Of course, we are also there with satisfactory advice throughout the issue process.
Trading – Pepins offers regular stock trading, adapted to your company's growth rate and up to 12 times a year. It gives your company liquidity and constant chances of finding new partners. Of course, your company can be listed for trading with us even if you do not primarily need to raise capital, but only want a larger ownership spread.
Community – Our Stakeholders' Club offers a community where you can easily and effectively communicate with both your shareholders and our other members. An equally appreciated as intuitive platform for all information related to your company's development.

Previous share issues


Raised: $2M
900 new shareholders have 720,000 contacts on different social media platforms
Immediate effect on both turnover (+50% in 6 months) and profitability
After 3 years the Company is trading on Pepins market 280% up from the price in the share issue


First major IPO on a crowdfunding platform
Raised: $13M from 3,350 investors
Disrupting the allocation process: First come, first serve - immediate allocation
Shares sold in 4 tranches. Sold out in 8 to 24 minutes
Biggest equity crowd-funding round world wide


DNA testing online
Raised: $2,5M from 287 shareholders
Venture Capital company co-invested with the crowd
Sold out in 39 minutes
Significant growth in online business post transaction


Green roofs for commercial buildings
Raised: $2,5M from 670 investors
Venture Capital company co-invested with the crowd
Immediate increase in brand recognition
New qualified board of directors

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Pepins is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, with a license as a securities company