Get ready to invest on Pepins

Sure, you have a bunch of questions swarming around in your head already: what do I need to know and do before investing in Pepins? What is the extent of Pepins’ responsibilities? What responsibilities lie with the companies I invest in? What are my powers as a shareholder? Get to know the fundamentals here.

The first step

It really is a smooth and simple process. Select the company you are interested in, read so you feel good about your potential investment. And click on the Invest button. You will then get clear instructions on how to proceed. Five minutes later… you’re ready to make your first investment!

Paying for your shares

It’s just as simple as when shopping online. Credit card, bank transfer, Swish (in the Nordics) or invoice all work. You will then receive a confirmation of your investment on site, followed by an email to your inbox.

When the share capital is concluded

Once the issue has been completed and the company has received the desired growth capital, Pepins will get going with establishing the company's community. This is a community created especially for you and the other new shareholders. The community is your go-to place for keeping track of developments and for getting tips on how you can help the company you now have shares in to grow.

The companys community is accessible via My Pepins, which is also where your settlement statements and holdings are presented.

Make your choice

Click to indicate if you would like to invest as a private individual or via a company, then follow the instructions.

Direct allotment

Your purchase is binding, and you will be notified of your allotment immediately upon payment. In effect, this means you will receive your shares if and when the company reaches its targeted issue. Targets are clearly stated for every company you wish to invest in.

Should the issue not achieve its target (minimum stated target applies), your investment will be returned to you. In which case the full amount will be paid into the same bank account or to the credit card the payment was made from. In the case of payment by invoice, we will contact you for an account number.

Pepins Role

Prior to an issue

Pepins has an uncompromisingly meticulous selection process. We always begin by conducting an in-depth assessment of every company and project that seeks funding through our platform. We are adamant that the companies we select have a solid track record of achieving their fullest potential and are now at the scale-up phase. Next, we appoint an external party, such as an audit firm, to conduct a thorough due diligence. In the process, we take every precaution to ensure that all contracts necessary to secure your ownership are in place.

It's your choice!

Pepins Market gives you the opportunity to trade with your existing crowdfunded shares. You are also able to buy into companies without having invested in their issues offering.

Following an issue

In the event of a successful issue, it is Pepins' responsibility to facilitate communication between the company and its new shareholders. We provide all the essential tools together with a platform to create a community, where you as a shareholder can engage, discuss and share ideas.

The power of shared ownership. And company responsibilities

We believe in the power of shared ownership. It is within your power as a shareholder to choose the companies you believe in. In the force entrepreneurs have to create the company of the future. We believe that ownership stimulates drive, creativity and perseverance.

Therefore, we help the companies find as many new partners as possible. At the same time, we help the companies find strategic partners. It can be anything from board members who add key competence, to retailers who get an extra incentive to take in and expose the company's products. By spreading ownership and letting more people share risk and reward, it is possible to improve the odds of success.

Pepins provides the companies with tools to facilitate communication with their partners. We are a committed, long-term partner and do what we can to help our companies grow.

Of course, it is the companies and the entrepreneurs themselves who are ultimately responsible for their information against Pepins, communication, operations, growth and results.

What can you do as a shareholder?

Choose and become a partner in companies you believe in! Then please help your companies grow. You can find tips and ideas on how to help the community. You can, for example, be an ambassador for the company and tell about their products and services. You can participate in test panels and market research. You can share knowledge and experience. Maybe you can tip your network about new jobs and help with recruitments?

Think about spreading your risks

You know the saying, never put all the eggs in the same basket. Well it’s true, which is why we recommend you become a shareholder in a range of companies in order to spread your risks. Like it or not, growth companies can be risky investments, and you cannot count on all the companies at Pepins meeting expectations. We can safely say that historically, entrepreneurial companies have accounted for the highest growth in the economy and generated the best returns over time.

A wise strategy that many of our members utilize is to make many small investments. A guiding principle is that a single investment should not be greater than 10-20 other investments you could make over a year or two.

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