How Trading Works

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Pepins Market is the world's first marketplace for crowdfunded companies. It is also Sweden’s primary market place for non-listed companies. As a member, you not only have free access to our marketplace, you can also buy and sell shares as you want here.

Our marketplace consists of three lists: Alternativa Listan, Pepins Market and Pepins Fans. Pepins Market and Pepins Fans enables you to buy and sell shares in companies that have received an influx of capital through our crowdfunding. Alternativa Listan provides trade in non-listed shares. Our trading model is structured to facilitate growth over the long term. We are convinced that this model provides companies with the freedom to focus on what they know best – their business and development, while allowing shareholders to trade and grow the value of their shares. Here you can see when the next trading period begins.

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Traded Companies

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