How does it work?

1. Invest in promising companies

When you invest in a company at Pepins, you access the fastest growing part of the economy. At the same time, the issue gives the company an economic boost which can help the organisation reach the next stage

2. Help out, and make difference

When you become a shareholder you also get the opportunity to affect your investment. In our community you stay updated about what’s going on in the company, and help your investment grow by helping out

3. Buy and sell

During our trading periods you can buy and sell shares you own, or discover new exciting companies

Take advantage of the fastest growing section of the economy.

Today, 99% of the general public is barred from getting involved with the most exciting and fastest growing area of the economy – highly innovative, leading-edge companies. These companies are often not on the stock market. Becoming a shareholder in these circumstances has so far been possible only for professional investors. Or very wealthy private individuals with large contact networks. Pepins gives everyone every opportunity, regardless of the size of the wallet, to invest in the fastest growing part of the economy.

Choose from select and vetted up-an-coming growth companies.

We find, review and select up-and-coming growth companies. Pepins goes through lots of companies and selects the prime few. Checks (so-called due diligence) are conducted, negotiations are set in motion and a complete investment assessment is developed. It goes without saying that we also analyze sustainability, community and innovation factors.

Invest on professional terms, from 500kr and up.

Invest and become a professional shareholder, from 500 SEK (equivalent in local currency) and upwards. Now everyone can become a business angel! Plus, you can invest as much or as little as you want. Pepins enables you to become a shareholder in prime growth companies exactly as, and on the same terms, as the professionals.

Shareholder power! Help your companies and your investments grow.

Shareholder power! Help your companies and your investment to grow. As a shareholder you have the power to add great value. At Pepins' communities you'll find tips and ideas on how you can help and support our community. You can also communicate directly with the companies and other shareholders to share information and keep up with the latest developments and information.

At Pepins Market you can later sell your shares. Or buy more.

Pepins Market is where you can later sell your shares. Or buy more. At our marketplace you can buy and sell crowdfunded and non-listed shares and follow your company's progress. Our trading model is adapted for promoting growth and long-term development. It gives the company the freedom to focus on its business and advancement, while allowing shareholders to trade in their shares.

You can find all the information you require about the relevant company's issues, as well as information on how often trading will take place, yearly, quarterly or monthly.

Preference Shares

What does preference shares really mean? What kind of preference shares does Pepins normally use? What are the benefits for investors and how does it benefit companies?

Preference means there are benefits

Quite simply, preference means benefits for the shareholder, which can be constructed in a number of ways. At Pepins we often offer a "liquidation preference" for the companies that conduct issues via crowdfunding on our website. This provides a brake when on a downward slide and a normal upside when the share price rises. Watch the movie on how it works here.

The liquidation preference, or advantage, means that if you have invested, then you will get your money back first. Only after you get your share will the other owners of ordinary shares get their money back. After this and if there are funds left over, then all shareholders get to share the remaining funds equally. So, how does the liquidation preference affect you if the stock price rises? In this case, preference shareholders follow the company's development upwards, on the same terms as the other shareholders.

What is a holding company?

Strategic ownership structure

In order to facilitate and enable a growth company to absorb hundreds, sometimes thousands of new shareholders, Pepins has created a well-defined ownership structure with the owner company, the so-called holding company. These public holding companies are quite simply, companies that own shares in other companies.

So, for example, Pepins’ members own shares in Urbangreen Partners Sweden AB (publ), which in turn owns shares in Urbangreen AB . The purpose of setting up holding companies is, amongst others, to facilitate trading. It also simplifies processes for both shareholders and companies.

Benefits for companies

This structure allows entrepreneurs to effectively deal with only ONE new owner in their company. It ensures freedom to maximize their negotiation powers. This is required, for example, in strategic company situations, such as when acquiring a major investor, making a business acquisition, public listing or even selling the company.

Another advantage is that administration is reduced along with costs. Moreover, management will be free to focus on driving the company's progress instead of various shareholders’ issues.

Benefits for shareholders

The structure of a holding company gives better investor protection. Pepins ensures that all agreements that secure ownership are in place. Our setup makes it possible for everyone to invest on the same terms as major, professional players.

In addition, Pepins can offer the possibility to buy and sell crowdfunded shares on Pepins Market. In this way shareholders do not have to be tied to their ownership until a stock exchange listing or some other exit. How frequently and when shares can be traded, is described in the information about each individual issue.

The technical

The companies that conduct issue offerings with Pepins receive only one new shareholder - the holding company.

The holding company is responsible for the ownership and management of the shares in the target company. The holding company also has the responsibility of securing the rights of the new shareholders in relation to the founder and other owners, current or future. These rights are governed, inter alia, by a shareholder agreement.

The Board of the Holding Company is initially appointed by Pepins and the target company in collaboration. The shareholders then elect the board of directors at general assemblies. Shareholders receive financial information and the opportunity to participate in shareholder meetings that the target company and Pepins arrange. The formal voting rights lie with the representative that the Holding Company proposes to represent the company at the target company’s shareholders' meetings.


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