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It has never been easier to rent transport vehicles!

EZETO's app offers rental of transport vehicles, moving cars and work vehicles in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Borås. In a simple and flexible way.

Why invest in Ezeto

  • EZETO is now ready to begin a stronger expansion and enter our most important markets properly. This means that the company needs to increase marketing capacity, staff support and employ service staff in Stockholm and Malmö. EZETO will launch a subscription service for companies during Q3 (work started). Furthermore, the purchase of more vehicles is needed and for this they need to raise capital. The capital shall suffice for 1 year. Thereafter, the company plans to raise additional capital for a future expansion abroad and new exciting functions.
  • • Since the turn of the year 2020/21, EZETO has tested and evaluated vehicles, hardware, software, systems and apps. The evaluation resulted in a new app and a new system that is better suited to EZETO's concept. Since the launch of the new app in September 2021, over 2000 trips have already been made with EZETO. EZETO has collected a lot of data about their customers and the use of their service. This has, among other things, meant that they have been able to reduce their customer acquisition costs considerably and that they have gained access to informative customer information. Furthermore, they have built a franchise model and have opened up in central Stockholm under their own auspices, they have also recruited three franchisees since September 2021.
  • • Scalability has been a cornerstone throughout the work with the company. EZETO wants to grow with local entrepreneurs and self-owned companies in major cities in Sweden. They do this, among other things, to prepare the organization for a major expansion outside Sweden, consisting of both wholly owned companies and partners. EZETO Sweden AB is the parent company that drives the development of the brand, the stores, the system, the app, the services and the franchise chain.
  • • Shared mobility is expected to grow annually by 30% until 2027. With such natural growth, companies such as EZETO benefit, which will grow faster than the market and which in the long run will be the leader in the car rental app for transport vehicles.
  • • With a steadily growing customer base and several returning customers, EZETO will have a fine leverage effect when the company has reached the critical mass. In the autumn of 2022, EZETO will start a subscription service for companies. This means that they will have an increased occupancy even on weekdays. EZETO will have a strong focus on growth and open up new markets at a rapid pace as time-to-market is a crucial factor. In the coming years, EZETO will reinvest in growth, supply and technology.
  • • EZETO already has over 2000 rentals, established in 3 cities and 3 franchisees since September 2021.
  • The subscription in this issue will take place via a public holding company.
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